Coat and Jacket Sale - all are 20% off all month!

150 Hungarian Szur

263 Countryside Frock Coat

It is fall here in the mountains of Western NC, and we are starting to think of staying warm for the next 6 months or so.  And, now is the time to start planning and sewing your winter coats and jackets.  So, to help you, we are having a sale on our coat and jacket patterns - 20% (no need for a promo code!).

Our coat and jacket patterns on sale this month:

106 Turkish Coat - a long, reversible quilted coat (can add trapunto to this coat and learn a new skill too, instructions are included)

114 Chinese Jacket - a cute, short, lightweight jacket that can be casual or made for formal occasions

118 Tibetan Panel Coat - a traditional Tibetan long vest or sleeveless coat - very popular

124 Bolivian Milkmaid's Jacket - this short, fitted jacket can be made and lined for a warm and beautifully embellished jacket

133 Belgian Military Chef's Jacket - a fashionable cropped jacket with 2 rows of buttons and lapels

137 Australian Drover's Coat - rugged construction for a long duster coat with many finishing options

138 Child's Australian Drover's Coat - a great coat for children (and pattern includes a knitting pattern for a sweater)

150 Hungarian Szur - traditional calf-length dramatic coat from Magyar herdsman - cutwork felt applique information also included

153 Siberian Parka - generously-sized pullover and easy to sew, this parka can provide lots of warmth

238 Le Smoking Jacket - sophistication of the 20s, luxury loungewear jacket

242 Rodeo Cowgirl Jacket - for the cowgirl in you, but also because this jacket is a classic cut and can be made however you want

254 Swing Coat - knee-length, easy to make, this light coat is a great one (and makes a good raincoat)

263 Countryside Frock Coat - traditional coat, elegant cut - for men and women

503 Poiret Cocoon Coat - elegant, fully-lined cocoon coat similar to those designed by Paul Poiret in 1913-1919