Embroidery Detail for Little Folks Turkish Tunic

I was stuck at home last weekend because of the 13(!) inches of snow we got on Friday and Saturday. I enjoyed being out in the snow with my kids, but I am also not a cold weather person. So, I also enjoyed being inside and warm and dry. And, with the electricity flickering (and eventually going out), I looked for a sewing project I could work on without needing my machines. I picked up the Little Folks Turkish Tunic embroidery pattern, my hoop, some waste canvas, and some organic silk Eri  embroidery thread and set to work.


I decided to try and practice the Tunic embroidery suggestions for around the placket and hems, which use cross stitch and Holbein stitch.  I put down a narrow section of waste canvas or scrim and was able to quickly embroider a long row with the madder red and mid-indigo silk thread.  I only used 4 of the eight strands of thread to do this embroidery and I thought that was adequate. The thread was beautiful and I enjoy sewing with it.  You can find the thread, now in 4 colors, in our store.

Instructions for these embroidery stitches are in the Handwork section of the 109 Little Folks pattern, which you can also get as a PDF file.  I hope to get a video up soon with a demonstration of how to do these stitches, so stay tuned for that.

My favorite part of this kind of embroidery is taking apart the canvas to reveal what I've done.  I admit that I need to keep practicing - my stitches are not perfect.  But, I was satisfied with it and love the contract and colors.  

Who else is out there embroidering anything?