Fabric Suggestions for 117 Croatian Shirt

The Croatian Shirt is a traditional top worn by peasants, farmers, and shepherds in the Pannonian Basin of old Yugoslavia. Originally made from homespun linen, it is quite elegant in cotton, silk, and sheers. Soft pleats at the shoulders, with a tucked front yoke. Our pattern also includes historical information and instructions for decorative pleats on the yoke.

Suggested fabrics: Shirting-weight fabrics such as cotton, blends, broadcloth, linen, chambray, muslin, gingham, or silk.

PLEASE NOTE: These suggested fabrics are based on fabrics that are in stock at the time the blog post is written, and may go out of stock from store at some point.  If link is invalid for specific product, look for a similar fabric you can substitute.

Bolt Fabric has a nice selection of cotton/linen dobby in a variety of colors (although several colors are out of stock).  This is a sturdy fabric yet soft enough for a top or dress.

Bolt also has several neutral shades of Antwerp linen in stock - this would be nice for a very traditional blouse.  Add embroidery to the placket with this for something really special!

This white cotton shirting with a subtle herringbone pattern from Michael Levine's is a great variation for a classic white shirt.


Organic Cotton Plus carries a nice organic chambray.  They have several solid colors in stock at the moment that would make a lovely Croatian Blouse.

I also love this beautiful indigo dyed cotton/hemp from Blackbird Fabrics! It would make a gorgeous blouse.