Fabric Suggestions for 131 Tibetan Chupa

We have quite a few fabric suggestions for our patterns-of-the-month - all from stores that we trust to carry high quality fabrics and provide great customer service (they also carry our patterns, so we know them!).  I will post suggestions for 223 A Lady's Chemise tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Also, don't forget these patterns are on sale all month!

For the 131 Tibetan Chupa or Skirt, you should choose a medium weight fabric of cotton, silk, or linen, like a corduroy, chambray, denim, or poplin.

This pretty pink (and organic) corduroy from Elfriede's Fine Fabrics is beautiful and would be gorgeous as a chupa:


This printed chambray from Michael Levine would fun and basic garment:


I love this pattern made with a cool print, too, like this African Wax Print (or ankara) from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics:


Also, from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics, a silk noil (they have loads of other colors, too) would be elegant:

silk noil, brick

Or, this solid and colorful poplin from Fabric Depot (on sale right now!):


Finally, this organic denim at Harts Fabric!  So pretty! And, they have more colors, too.