Fabric Suggestions for 135 Jewels of India

This is a grouping of truly versatile garments with a tailored kurta overshirt for men and women, kamiz tunic and bias-cut churidar pants for women. The simple shapes of these garments make it easy to vary them creatively. Top everything off with the Gandhi hat. Pattern includes historical information about Indian dress.

Suggested fabrics: For the Kurta, choose any shirting fabric from gauze to flannel. For the Kamiz and Churidar, choose light to medium-weight cottons, silks, or synthetics; lightweight wool. For the hat, choose medium-weight cotton, silk, or wool (a tweed would be beautiful).

PLEASE NOTE: Fabrics used as examples in blog may go out of stock from store.  If link is invalid for specific product, there may be another fabric from the supplier that you can substitute.  These suggestions are based on fabrics that are in stock at the time the blog post is written!

Here are a few ideas from several of our favorite fabric stores.  

From Fabric Depot this bamboo rayon double gauze would be a great foundation for the kutra or kamiz or churidar.


If looking for an overall print for one, or all, of the pieces we recommend this Indian block print voile from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics.


Another option for Kurta top is this beautiful shirting material from Michael Levine's.


This rayon from Hart's Fabric would make sharp looking pants!



For embellishment or focal detail, check out this embroidered mirrored fabric from Stonemountain and Daughter.

Or this one for the Kamiz!


Consider mixing fabrics if making a full ensemble.  The various textures and patterns of the fabric above could work as a combination or as separates.  We'd love to see your creations! 

Happy sewing!