Fabric Suggestions for 137 Australian Drovers Coat and 138 Children's Drovers Coat

This 137 Australian Drover's Coat is the classic outback duster coat. Its rugged construction and hearty design is perfect whether riding the open range or the urban trails. Make it in canvas or denim for a traditional look, microfiber or crinkle nylon for an updated water-repellent version. We also have the 138 Child's Australian Drover's Coat version as well, which is just scaled down to fit children's size 6x-14.  Both coats have two versions; one with all the tabs, removable capelet, back fan vent, etc. and one that is very simple to sew and without all the "extras".  These patterns also include information about authentic detailing, waterproofing, and instructions for a knit pullover sweater.  

Suggested fabrics: Medium-weight denim, canvas, poplin, wool, linen; ripstop nylon, microfiber, or other water-resistant fabrics.

PLEASE NOTE: These suggested fabrics are based on fabrics that are in stock at the time the blog post is written, and may go out of stock from store at some point.  If link is invalid for specific product, look for a similar fabric you can substitute.

This Merchant and Mills organic dry oil skin is a great choice.  Stonemountain and Daughter has several colors in stock at the moment.  



This waxed canvas will be great for a rugged and weather resistant coat. The fabric is 100% cotton with a beeswax coating.  Bolt Fabrics has several variations in stock currently to choose from.


This quilted chambray from Hart's Fabrics will be a warm and fashionable version of this coat.


And, here at Folkwear, we have a great medium/heavy-weight denim available as well.  We have used it for the coat pictured on our site (and above).  Its a classic dark wash and stands up well to time and wear (and it's 65" wide!!).


And of course, this wouldn't be complete with out mentioning the coat Molly recently made from this Merchant and Mills jacquard cotton from Oak Fabrics.  It turned out so nicely!