Fabric Suggestions for 158 Ghanaian Smock

The 158 Ghanaian Smock originated in northern Ghana, but is now worn in many areas of West Africa, and is popular around the world.  The Smock is traditionally made from hand-woven strips of fabric with wedge-shaped godets inserted below the chest to give it a flared shape.  The strips usually incorporate vertical stripes, so there is a striped pattern to the garment.  You can use handwoven fabric strips, but regular yardage can be used as well - just tear or cut into strips and godets.  Our pattern gives lots of information about weaving and using handwoven strips to make the Smock.  And, using regular yardage is quite simple.  

Below are a few fabric suggestions to use for this Smock, from some of our favorite fabric stores.  We have some traditional options as well as some modern, or non-traditional options, for making this Smock.  

Suggested fabrics: Cottons and cotton blends, wool, rayon, silk.  Weight of facing fabric should be similar to or slightly lighter than garment fabric. 

Please note, these suggested fabrics are based on fabrics that are in stock at the time the blog post is written, and may go out of stock from store at some point.  If link is invalid for specific product, look for a similar fabric you can substitute.


I love the texture of this resist stamped cottonStonemountain and Daughter Fabrics has several colors and patterns of this same type of fabric in stock at the moment.  The subtle texture and pattern of the dots would come together nicely and add a nice depth to the smock.

I found this cotton geometric print at Vogue Fabrics.  It has some interesting lines to work with for the fabric strips called for in this pattern, and it goes with the traditional vertical striped look of the Smock.

This colorful Cintamani wax print could be a really fun fabric to layout and design a unique and colorful smock. Fabric Indulgence has so many lovely global fabrics to choose from. 


Urbanstax has a great selection of Aso Oke fabric by the meter.  This type of fabric is traditionally used for the smock, and is perfect for creating a traditional smock.  Depending on the width of the strips, you will need at least 14 yards of 5" wide fabric (for size small), and we have more details on yardage needed for strips in the pattern.


Finally, we have a Pinterest board for the 158 Ghanaian Smock for your viewing pleasure and to serve as inspiration - like these beautiful ladies! 

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