Fabric Suggestions for 254 Swing Coat

This easy, breezy coat is a snap to make, with only four main pattern pieces. The front pieces have neck extensions that stitch together at center back to form the collar. The back is stitched into a back yoke and features a deep pleat for maximum "swing."  The sleeves are narrow at the wrist so you can push them up for a casual look, and they stay put!  The pattern offers two pocket versions: side-seam and patch pockets.  And, you can make this coat into a short version or extend it to ankle length.  I also makes a great gift, as there is little fitting needed.

Suggested fabrics: fabrics that drape well yet still have body, such as lightweight linen, gabardine (rayon, wool, or cotton), lightweight denim, soft cotton twill. For a crisp, sculptured look consider silk taffeta. Or create a sheer, translucent style with silk organza (this is really "in" right now, too!).

Hart's Fabrics has a good selection of linen.  Here is a Herringbone Linen that would make a classic, go-with-everything look.


 Form Stonemountain and Daughter we found a beautiful Italian wool gabardine.  I love this (and the color!).


Vogue Fabrics has a great collection of Thai silk dupioni.  Here is an example we like.



If you want to try a sheer look Michael Levine's has nylon organza available this is quite inexpensive at $2.75 a yard (if you are uncertain as to the "look), but they also have a beautiful black silk organza that would be elegant in this coat.


I also really love the Brussels Washer Yarn Dyed Linens (linen/nylon blend).  They are drape-y but have a slightly heavier hand.  And, there are lots of lovely colors - in a similar color pattern to chambray.  Bolt Fabrics has a nice selection of colors at $12/yard.


What would be your ideal fabric to make this coat?  I'm thinking about making one for my mother for Christmas.  And, I think I might go for the Brussels Linen, but she could also totally pull off a black shear organza coat!