Fabric Suggestions for the Moroccan Burnoose

We love the 132 Moroccan Burnoose pattern.  It is based on the traditional hooded cloak worn by the Maghreb of the Atlas mountains in Northern Africa.  This sweeping cloak is a striking wrap for men and women.  Our 132 Moroccan Burnoose pattern can make versatile and beautiful garments - everything from a traditional wool over-cloak, to more modern outerwear, to a cute rain poncho.  So, of course, there are many options for choosing fabric for this pattern.  You can go with very traditional camel hair or wool woven fabrics, or rain-proof nylon, or a heavy knit, or even a lightweight voile for a summer cover up!  To help you out a bit, we have a selection of fabrics from some of our favorite fabric stores that would be excellent for this pattern 

Fabric yardage is determined for this pattern by desired length.  The width of the fabric determines the maximum possible Finished Back Length.  Thus, using 60"/150cm wide fabic, a mid-calf length Burnoose can be made for a person 6'2".  Yardage can be adjusted for height by subtracting 2"/5cm of yardage for every 1"/2.5cm shorter in height than those given.  You can see the yardage chart here.  Also, you can adjust this to be a much shorter cloak/cape (hip or waist length) and thereby reduce the amount of fabric used.  I have also made it with an uneven hem so that I can use a cut of fabric that is not quite enough for a full half-circle sweep.  It looks good!

PLEASE NOTE: Fabrics used as examples in blog may go out of stock from store.  If link is invalid for specific product, there may be another fabric from the supplier that you can substitute.  These suggestions are based on fabrics that are in stock at the time the blog post is written!

For a very traditional look, you could go with this 60" wide 100% camel hair wool from B. Black and Sons:


This navy wool blend suiting from Harts Fabric (an employee favorite too) is 60" wide and would be great with this pattern.


Also from Harts Fabric, this great navy Cordura waterproof nylon.  Would make a perfect rain poncho:


And, this 60" Italian linen slub!  A showcase for great trim - also perfect for simple burnoose.  Also, from Harts Fabric:


Or, this great cotton gauze with a metallic print from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabric.  Would make a great summer cover-up (and its on sale right now!):


 And, this brushed wool melton in Paprika (gorgeous color) from Stone Mountain and Daughter (60" wide) for a warm layer!:


I love this organic cotton interlock from Organic Cotton Plus.  This heavier knit will work for this pattern to make a comfortable and stylish cloak.  Comes in lots of colors!  I used the grey heather for the Burnoose I made in the first photo on this page.  It is lovely, and no need to hem the edge if you don't want to since this knit won't unravel.