Flamenco Skirt for Me

Happy Valentine's Day!  I thought this skirt fit really well with some themes of today, and so I would post about it on this Valentine's Day.  Also, I just finished it two days ago!

I made this skirt with our 140 Flamenco Dress & Skirt pattern, and with a length of African wax print that I brought back from Ghana two years ago.  This pattern is perfect for the slight stiffness (and color) of African wax prints!  I loved this print and when I was thinking about making a skirt from the pattern, this one jumped out to me from my stash.  Not only are the drape and color of African wax prints great for this pattern, but since they are usually sold in 6 yard increments, they are great for making a whole dress (or two skirts).  

I wanted a skirt I could wear to work or out to dinner - nothing too dramatic or long.  So, I decided to make the skirt and just add one ruffle, or flounce (also it would  not take as long to sew).  And, it really did not take very long and I thoroughly enjoyed the process!  

The skirt is fairly simple, with just two back darts, a back zip, and a faced waist (no waistband). Adding the ruffles was fascinating.  Since I was only going to add one layer of ruffle, I cut out fabric to make the first tier of the dress/skirt.  The first tier is made of three different pattern pieces, cut into 6 fabric pieces, each of which is cut as a circle with a small center opening and a slit on one side.  The pieces fit perfect to themselves and create a large ruffle of varying widths that needs no gathering!  The ruffle fits onto the skirt bottom perfectly.

Look at that great pattern matching on the back seam.  I'm usually not that good!

I finished the ruffle hem with a narrow rolled hem on my serger - so quick and easy and simple - it was perfect.  It all came together much quicker than I expected.  But, with no gathering to do, it makes sense.  Now, don't get me wrong, if you are adding more tiers, the time of managing the ruffles (putting them together, pinning, slashing, dealing with all the fabric) can take quite a bit of time and energy.  But, I loved how well-drafted the pattern is, making this time-sink of a task so much easier and fun. 

So, I ended up with a skirt I love.  A bit of a statement piece, but one I feel totally comfortable wearing out and about.  And, it is perfect for V-Day.  My kids loved it, too!

Make the skirt (and add more layers of flounces) or the dress with this very fun and very well-drafted pattern!

I love how swishy it is!