Garments We Have Made and Loved this Year Using Fabric and Patterns from Our Store

One of my greatest joys working with Folkwear is to see the creativity of the Folkwear sewing community.  I love the photos that customers send us showing off their unique garments made with Folkwear patterns.  It is truly fantastic to see how each sewist has their own personal touch and style imprinted on a pattern.  Thank you to all who have shared and contributed to the customer gallery.  It's why we keep on keeping on here at Folkwear!

We love sharing our creations too, and as you probably know, we carry a limited selection of fabrics here at Folkwear.  The fabrics we select to carry are sourced with our patterns in mind.  We have a hard time not wanting to keep them all to use ourselves, but alas, sharing is more fun!  This blog post highlights some of our recent sample or personal garments that we have made using the fabrics from our shop.  We hope they inspire you and bring a smile to your face.

Molly sewed the 242 Rodeo Cowgirl Jacket above for her mother using our Merchant & Mills cotton needle cord and organic yarn dyed linen.  The colors were so good together.  Read more about the jacket in our blog post.

Molly also made herself a very cute version of the 212 Five Frontier Shirts in organic yarn dyed linen from Birch Fabric.  The body is made using the Dusty Rose and the yoke and cuffs are made with Azure.  We are limited to the Apricot Brandy linen at the moment.  But, we should have more colors available again soon.  Did I mention that the linen is preshrunk?  Bonus!



We had so much fun working on developing the 229 Sailor Pants and reinvigorating the 211 Two Middies pattern.  It has been very rewarding to see them being made and worn! 

The picture above shows the 229 Sailor Pants and 211 Two Middies. The pants on the right are made with our 8oz Washed Denim from Merchant and Mills. And, our Japanese selvage denim (three versions) would be great for these too and would look very similar.  His Middy (View A) top is made with our Cotton Chambray.  The pants on the right are made with Gray Cotton Sanded Twill also from Merchant and Mills.  We also have this soft and sturdy fabric in Navy as well.

Above, we have the 229 Sailor Pants made in our Navy Cotton Sanded Twill also from Merchant and Mills.  Also with the 211 Middy View B.

We hope you find fabric you like in our selection.  We continue to update what we carry as we cycle through inventory.  So always keep an eye out for new products.  We source these fabrics from all over the world and strive to select fabrics that are sustainably produced, as well as provide the best price possible!  Yardages are limited.  All fabric sold in 1/2 yard units (for 2 yards, order 4 units, etc.).