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  •  From the Sew News blog: an article on how to use a rolled hem foot.  Always good to be reminded how to use those many feet, but I have nearly always used a zigzag stitch with a rolled hem foot, not a straight stitch, so maybe I'll try the straight stitch next time.
  • Saw this lovely article last month on Creative Machine Embroidery about Bukhara Embroidery.
  • You may have seen these before, but Cari (wonderful Folkwear assistant) showed them to me again the other week and they are too good not to share.  What Ellis Island immigrants looked like when the arrived in the US in the early 1900s: here, here, and here.  Many of the pictures are the same in each article, but each has a few the others do not, and the second and third give descriptions of the traditional clothing worn.  I LOVE these!
  • Are you traveling this summer and want to take handwork with you?  Here are some tips for travel with embroidery.  I am basically doing this for my big trip!
Podcasts, Websites, and Resources:
  • I've not seen this film, but the trailer, about a woman tending her Kashmir goats in the mountains of India, is breathtakingly beautiful.  Has anyone watched it?  It reminds me a little of the Eagle Huntress which I watched with my husband and children (and we all LOVED it).
  • If you want to make the #142 Old Mexico Dress or Shirt this month, and want to do some machine embroidery, this pattern from Creative Machine Embroidery is free to download for the whole month of June.
  • Do you listen to podcasts when you sew?  My very very favorite sewing podcast is Thread Cult.  If you have not listened to them, you are in for a treat. Christine has basically stopped (or severely slowed down) her podcasting, but what is there is a treasure (in my opinion!).