Kids Clothes Week and a Sale

Kids Clothes Week (KCW) is a challenge, organized by a few mom-sewists, to spend one hour each day of one week sewing clothing for the children in your life.  They have a fun website with lots of resources on patterns and sewing, a great community where people post their pictures, and a fun blog.  I have participated many times in the past, and just found out that there is new week coming up (next week)!  

This is such a fun challenge and I always enjoyed being intentional about sewing for my kids.  Sometimes I would get a couple of items sewn up, sometimes I would just get a few projects cut out, but it always got me planning and working on fun projects for them. 

This season, Kids Clothes Week will be April 23-29, 2018, and the theme is Fresh. Read more here.  You can find out more about Kids Clothes Week here, and sign up for the challenge here.  

This would be a great week to work on some of Folkwear's kids patterns!  We have a great selection of children's patterns. And to get your inspired to sew for the kids in your life for Kids Clothes Week, they will be on sale from today (April 17) to the end of KCW!

Happy Sewing (for kids)!