Pregnancy and Nursing Friendly Patterns

We have had some questions lately about patterns that are good for pregnancy and nursing.  And, honestly, Folkwear (founded by 3 women) has often incorporated designs for these functions of life into their patterns.  And traditional folk clothing was also often, by default, designed to be able to be worn on pregnant bodies and/or provide access for nursing.  I am listing some of our patterns below that can be good for pregnant and nursing folks.  If you have more to add, please add in the comments!

Also, just to be clear, we believe that it should be a woman's choice to be pregnant (and to choose if to nurse, if possible). 

102 French Cheesemaker's Smock - a roomy shirt with lots of ease and quite a bit of length; can definitely accommodate growing bellies and breasts.  Also can be used as a nursing top. (PDF version here)

107 Afghan Nomad Dress:  I know this dress has often been made as maternity wear by women over the last 40 years.  The skirt attaches to a very short bodice (not bodice is somewhat fitted but very comfortable) and there is plenty of room for a baby bump. (PDF version here)

111 Nepali Blouse:  This wrap blouse has several ties to provide easy access for nursing while maintaining coverage.  It is popular as a nursing top.


113 Japanese Kimono:  This pattern is classic for a comfortable robe to wear when pregnant or nursing.  Great for resting post-partum.  Also see 106 Turkish Coat (which is quilted, so is warmer) and 112 Japanese Field Clothing for roomy and adjustable coat/jackets.  113 Japanese Kimono PDF version, 106 Turkish Coat PDF version, 112 Japanese Field Clothing PDF version.

117 Croatian Shirt:  Another roomy and long shirt with lots of ease. (117 Croatian Shirt PDF version)

119 Sarouelles:  These comfortable and roomy (particularly the African and Turkish) pants are great for those last months of pregnancy when nothing seems to fit.  These have plenty of room and are easily adjustable at the waist (made with ties instead of elastic, so you can make them just about any size you need).  119 Sarouelles PDF pattern.


121 Guatemalan Gabacha:  This cute dress has plenty of room in the belly area and would work for early pregnancy months. (121 Guatemalan Gabacha PDF pattern)

128 Russian Settlers Dress:  This dress is perfect for pregnancy and nursing.  The dress is great maternity wear and the pattern has an option for creating it for easy nursing access post-partum. (128 Russian Settlers Dress PDF version)

This customer made the 128 Russian Settler's Dress for post-partum nursing, but said she wished she'd also made it for her pregnancy.

We loved this linen viscose 129 Russian Settler's Dress that a customer made for her pregnancy.


142 Old Mexico Dress:  An easy dress to get on and off with plenty of room for a growing belly.  Probably best for earlier months of pregnancy.  The shirt would be good for nursing as it has room and is short and easy to pull up to nurse. (142 Old Mexico Dress PDF version)

151 Japanese Hakama and Kataginu:  I would not have thought of this outfit as maternity wear, but someone in our Facebook Group made the Hakama (pants) and said, with the kimono, it was the most comfortable maternity clothes they wore the whole pregnancy - worn with her 113 Japanese Kimono below. (151 Japanese Hakama and Kataginu PDF pattern)


201 Prairie Dress:  This dress is often made as a maternity dress.  And the front has an option to make the dress easy to access for nursing babies. (201 Prairie Dress PDF version)

202 Victorian Shirt:  Another very roomy and long shirt that has been made for maternity dresses.  Very cute!  (202 Victorian Shirt PDF version)

270 Metro Middy Blouse:  This blouse has a bit of a bell-shape and buttons in front that can make it great for easy-access for nursing. (270 Metro Middy Blouse PDF version)

271 Sunset Wrap:  Perfect as a layer to wear to cover up when nursing in public (if you prefer).  (271 Sunset Wrap PDF pattern)