Fabric suggestions for #252 Beach Pyjamas

These Beach Pyjamas are fabulous made with fabrics with a soft drape, such as rayon or silk.  And, the are equally nice made of a crisp linen or cotton.  Below are some possibilities for fabric to make this fun and beautiful garment (which is on sale all of July).

This rayon from Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics has such a great look for the Beach Pyjamas. 100% rayon. $18/yard.


A beautiful and simple sandwashed rayon challis also from Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics. 100% rayon. $11.50/yard.


Silk Charmeuse - ML288540 - Butterscotch

A silk charmeuse would be simply elegant for this garment.  Michael Levine has lots in many colors, but I love this butterscotch.  100% silk.  $22/yard.


floral silk drape.jpg

A printed silk, like this one from Bolt Fabric, would also be beautiful. 100% silk.  $13.75/half-yard.


Antwerp Linen Fabric - Chambray

Fabric Depot has some beautiful linens, and I loved this blue - great color for summer and for this garment.  100% linen.  $13.49/yard.


VF164-56 Vermouth Paisley - Bohemian Lightweight Cotton Print Fabric

This paisley cotton lawn from Vogue Fabrics would be great!  100% cotton.  $7.99/yard.


Crepe Print - ML296007 - Navy Blue / White

Finally, a really fun poly crepe that would make a great set of Beach Pyjamas - from Michael Levine.  100% polyester.  $10/yard.