132 Moroccan Burnoose


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All sizes.

This sweeping cape is traditionally worn by Berber tribesmen over loose tunics, but it's also dramatic when untraditionally worn over urban outfits. The bias-cut, half circle design falls smoothly on the shoulders and molds smoothly to the upper arms.  A permanent center front closure holds the garment in place just below the throat.  The edges can be finished with a variety of trims.

This sewing pattern features an ample hood for protection from the sand and sun, or for discreet camouflage. The hood can be worn up or casually flung back.  A long tassel at the peak of the hood is essential to add weight and to provide the perfect visual accent

Details are included about different ways of wearing and draping the finished garment.

Suggested fabrics: Medium to heavyweight wools and blends; upholstery-weight cottons or linen. Uneven plaids and napped fabrics are not suitable.

Yardage chart (.pdf)