146 French Reticule Bag Kit


This kit has all you need to make at least one French Reticule!

The Reticule is a small handbag that was popular in the Regency fashion era, but continued to be used through the 1920s, eventually replaced by the evening bag.  They are often made of velvet, silk, or satin, and all our kits have velvet with cotton or linen for the linings.  You can embellish the Reticule with embroidery or beading, and we include instructions for making your own cord and tassels.    

The pattern for this bag comes from the 146 Bags from Around the World, a collection of six bags from different countries and cultures. 

All kits includes the following:

  • paper pattern
  • written sewing instructions and instructions for making optional tassels and self cording
  • two different fabrics - to make at least one bag (you will likely be able to make additional bags from the fabric)  
  • 2 1/2 yards of cording
  • 9" of bias tape or ribbon for top binding

These little bags make wonderful gifts (the kit makes a good gift for crafty friends too), as well as great "wrappings" for presents - or fabulous little holiday purses!