Traditional Smock Bundle


Get the 110 Little Kittel and 148 Black Forest Smock together - to make great garments or parent/child outfits.  


These traditional smocks were called Kittel, or over-garments, and were worn by workers in Germany, Switzerland, and France. Soft pleats fall from a wide neckband. Sleeves connect to side panels with gussets and are pleated at the wrists into buttoned cuff bands. Shoulder yokes, pocket welts, neckband, and cuffs were often decorated with chain-stitching (design and instructions are included inside pattern).

Our Black Forest Smock can be worn by men as an over-shirt, and by women as a mid-calf length dress or as a shirt. Use the 110 Little Kittel to make it for the kids.

Suggested Fabrics: Soft or crisp fabrics such as linen, homespun, broadcloth, gingham, denim, featherweight corduroy, or lightweight wool.