African Wax Print - Spirals

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This African Wax Print is a gorgeous red, blue, and gray print with a nice hand. It feels great and is beautiful!  Printed in Nigeria.

The fabric is slightly stiff when new, but softens well after a few washes.  

It will be gorgeous in any of these patterns: 120 Navajo Blouse and Skirt (it would be great as the trimmings on this shirt too), 129 Japanese Hapi, 131 Tibetan Chupa (skirt), 157 Moroccan Djellaba243 Rodeo Cowgirl Skirt

100% cotton.  Machine wash and tumble dry, warm iron.

45" (1.1m) wide.

Fabric sold in 1/2 yard (.46m) increments.  So, 2 units equals 1 yard (.9m).