Organic Cotton Sheer Voile - Raspberry

Color: Raspberry

This amazing fair-trade fabric is made of organic cotton grown in Burkina Faso (west Africa).  It is also hand spun and woven there to make a truly unique and gorgeous cloth.  The fabric is slightly sheer and is yarn dyed and woven like a shot cotton, so it looks slightly different colors at different angles.  Drapes nicely and is soft, but softens even more when washed.  A really lovely fabric!

Perfect for patterns like 113 Japanese Kimono, 129 Japanese Hapi and Haori, 132 Moroccan Burnoose, 134 South Asian Tops and Wraps, 142 Old Mexico Dress, 157 Moroccan Djellaba, 254 Swing Coat, 269 Metropolitan Hat, and 271 Sunset Wrap.

  • 56" wide
  • Color: raspberry
  • Machine wash cool and tumble dry, delicate

Fabric is priced by the 1/2 yard (one unit is 1/2 yard, two units are 1 yard, etc).