Cross Hatch India Cotton - Red


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A unique hand block from Jaipur. Light and dark hatched lines print on a deep red background.  A beautiful soft, light-weight cotton which would make a beautiful shirt or loose pants or dresses.

  • 100% organic cotton.
  • 45" (112cm) wide.
  • Indian cloths are sometimes susceptible to irregularities in the weave, this is all part of their charm and are not classed as flaws.
  • This fabric is hand dyed. For the couple of washes, place the fabric in the washing machine on warm wash with a handful of table salt. This will fix the dye to prevent it from running.
  • Merchant & Mills

Fabric is sold by the 1/2 yard (so 1 unit is 1/2 yard, 2 units is 1 yard, etc.).

This fabric is great for patterns like our 104 Egyptian Shirt, 112 Japanese Field Clothing, 142 Old Mexico Dress, 157 Moroccan Djellaba, and Basics Tunic or Pants.