250 Hollywood Pants


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G we Paper pattern: Sizes XS-3XL

The emergence of pants as acceptable public attire for women began in the early 1930, largely due to the enormous influence of the movies and the high-profile movie stars.

Folkwear offers three history-makers: Knickers, Trousers and Shorts. The Knickers ( c. 1931) feature a button-front fly closure and side pockets. They are pleated below the knee into shaped cuffs with button closures.

The straight silhouette of the Trousers (c. 1940) is created by a high, wide waistband, back darts and front pleats. They have a zipper closure on the left side and an on-seam pocket on the right. Trousers fall gracefully straight from the fullest part on the hip to ankle-length.

Our Shorts (c. 1940) have a back zipper closure and inverted box pleats at the front and back for a smooth fit through the hip, releasing to add comfortable and flattering fullness at the legs. 

Suggested fabrics: For the Knickers, choose medium to heavyweight fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool or blends in broadcloth, homespun, or twill; also napped fabrics such as corduroy and velveteen. For the Trousers, choose medium-weight, soft fabrics with drape such as wool gabardine or challis; also cotton or corduroy. For the Shorts, choose soft or slightly crisp, medium-weight fabrics such as wool challis, cotton, linen, rayon, or blends.

Yardage chart (.pdf)

Correction to paper pattern - If you are making the shorts, note the following error:  The Waistband T piece does not include the 1-inch (2.5cm) underlap referred to in the instructions.  Therefore, be sure to cut Piece T longer at the button end and move the button marking 1 inch (2.5cm) toward the end.


This pattern is available as a paper pattern and a PDF pattern.  This is the Paper Pattern (for the PDF version, go here).