Backstock - Algerian Suit


This is a backstock pattern - printed for Folkwear in 1992.  We are moving them out of our storage and happy to get them to Folkwear fans.  

This Algerian Suit, reminiscent of the costume worn by the Janissary of Turkey, was introduced to North Africa by the privateers of the Barbary Coast.  We offer instructions for traditional construction, including elaborate soutache braid trim, as well as more contemporary styling. 

This pattern includes tissue and sewing instructions for a short jacket, button-up vest, and traditional trousers (which are in style right now).

Suggested fabrics:

Jacket and Vest: Medium to heavy weight wool, cotton, linen or silk.  

Trousers: To match jacket, or on their own, in light to medium weigh fabrics with soft drape such as rayon, silk, or challis.  Also crisp lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen.  The trousers are not suitable for fabrics with nap, pile, or one-way design.