Wool/Viscose Crepe - Jet Black


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This is a  beautiful jet black mid-weight wool/viscose blend, with a beautiful crepe texture.  It drapes wonderfully due to its weight and is opaque.  This cloth would be wonderful for dresses, skirts and trousers with minimal detail.

Fabric is sold by the 1/2 yard (so 1 unit is 1/2 yard, 2 units is 1 yard, etc.). 

This fabric is great for patterns like our 132 Moroccan Burnoose209 Walking Skirt, 216 Schoolmistress Skirt, 233 Glamour Girl Dress250 Hollywood Pants, and 263 Countryside Frock Coat.  Also great for the Basics Collection

  • 70% wool/ 30% Viscose
  • Dry Clean or wash cool and hang dry
  • 241gsm., 7.11oz
  • 57" (145cm) wide.
  • By Merchant & Mills
  • Made in Italy