Fabric Suggestions for 114 Chinese Jacket

The origins of our classically elegant 114 Chinese Jacket are ancient.  Worn today by people throughout the world, this jacket can be traced back 4,000 years in China from the formal court robe of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)!  Since then, the garment has been simplified into a truly versatile design with different options for unusual closures. Our pattern includes three versions, with varying lengths and with front or asymmetrical openings.  It also includes heat transfer designs for traditional embroidered motifs and extensive instructions for embroidery and other embellishments.

Below are some fabric suggestions from some of our favorite fabric stores.  Please note, these suggested fabrics are based on fabrics that are in stock at the time the blog post is written, and may go out of stock from store at some point.  If link is invalid for specific product, look for a similar fabric you can substitute.

Our pattern suggests the following fabrics:  silk or silk-like synthetics, light or medium-weight cotton, or lightweight wool.


This beautiful Lawn form Hart's Fabrics has a lovely color palate that would be a fresh spring look.



This subtle floral silk noil jacquard would lend well to the embellishments that can be used in this pattern such as painted emblems, embroidery, or beading.  It would also be lovely with contrasting fabric. This fabric is available at Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics.


If you love working with silk, Dharma Trading Co has a nice variety of 19.5mm Charmeuse/ Silk Crepe.  Dharma Trading is also a great source for fabric paints, dyes and tools.


Finally, Bolt Fabric Boutique has a lovely light weight wool gauze in stock.  This fabric will be a great base for the traditional embroidery included in the pattern.