Fabric Suggestions for 131 Tibetan Chupa

We have quite a few fabric suggestions for our patterns-of-the-month - all from stores that we trust to carry high quality fabrics and provide great customer service (they also carry our patterns, so we know them!).  I will post suggestions for 223 A Lady's Chemise tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Also, don't forget these patterns are on sale all month!

For the 131 Tibetan Chupa or Skirt, you should choose a medium weight fabric of cotton, silk, or linen, like a corduroy, chambray, denim, or poplin.

PLEASE NOTE: Fabrics used as examples in blog may go out of stock from store.  If link is invalid for specific product, there may be another fabric from the supplier that you can substitute.  These suggestions are based on fabrics that are in stock at the time the blog post is written!

This pretty pink (and organic) corduroy from Elfriede's Fine Fabrics is beautiful and would be gorgeous as a chupa:


This printed chambray from Michael Levine would fun and basic garment:


I love this pattern made with a cool print, too, like this African Wax Print (or ankara) from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics:


Also, from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics, a silk noil (they have loads of other colors, too) would be elegant:

silk noil, brick

Or, this solid and colorful poplin from Fabric Depot (on sale right now!):


Finally, this organic denim at Harts Fabric!  So pretty! And, they have more colors, too.