Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts to be Sewn

Holiday Gift Guide

Here in Western North Carolina we are feeling the season change.  The days are are shortening, the evenings are cool, and the leaves have turned and are dropping.  So, naturally we start looking ahead to the cozy months, months of sewing and creativity . . . and of course the Holidays!  Below, we have a list of wonderful  gift ideas that you can make from Folkwear patterns so you can get a jump start on your handmade holiday gifts.  

Quick for Children:

109 Little Folks PDF Pattern

An international collection, featuring eight(!) patterns and a variety of optional handwork techniques.  This pattern is no longer available as a paper pattern, but we have an easy to use PDF available!  Dress your sweeties up in a Japanese Kintaro, Mexican Dress or Baby Shirt, Korean Booties, Nepali Chupa, Moroccan Djellaba, or Turkish Tunic and Bloomers.  These are easy and quick patterns, and you can make them more personalized with embroidery, homemade tassels, or other handwork which are included in the instructions (or adorable monograms).

225 Childhood Dreams (image above)

Although, this pattern cam be made for day dresses of even special occasions, it also has all the makings for a really nice nightgown.  The choice of fabric and trim can change the look and use of this garment.  It was always a Christmas Eve tradition in my family to open a gift of new sleepwear.  This has carried on from my parents to my children.  This would be a perfect pattern for that tradition. 

What traditions do you have for family's Holiday?  


Wearable and Quick with Little-to-No Sizing or Fitting Required 


269 Metropolitan Hat (above) 

I'm a sucker for a great hat!  It's always fun to find one that is both interesting and practical.  This patterns shows options for decorative fabric rosettes that can be fashioned out of the hat fabric, contrasting materials such as lace, tulle, or glittering silk, or entirely replaced by a vintage brooch or dramatic button. This pattern can be made in 3 sizes, and there are just three pattern pieces: Brim, Band, and Crown.  Constructing this in a wool or felt will certainly help keep your loved one warm!  

129A Japanese Tabi Socks

For the person who has everything!  This unique gift provides warmth and protection for the toes with flip flops or by themselves as comfortable at-home slippers to protect your floors. Traditional to Japan . . . .  A quick, easy, and inexpensive gift!

129 Japanese Hapi and Haori

You can make three garments from this pattern - all of them easy to fit (with lots of ease built into the patterns).  The Hapi is a shorter, unlined cardigan-type jacket that is easy to sew.  The Haori is slightly longer, lined, and similar to a kimono.  This pattern also comes with the Japanese Tabi sock pattern.  These are great garments to make for women or men (sized for both), and are perfect lounge-wear, though I made a Hapi for myself that I use as a light jacket to wear out and about.

113 Japanese Kimono

This classic pattern is for an unlined kimono (yukata) and is a great gift for anyone (sized for women and men).  Our pattern includes instructions for shibori dyeing, sashiko embroidery (image above), and for making an obi or sash.  So, you can make this a unique gift.

132 Moroccan Burnoose

A unique gift, this cape is dramatic when worn un-traditionally over modern clothing.  On trend right now too!  Our pattern details different ways of wearing and draping the finished garment.  No fitting required - just a vision and some great fabric.

For the Home:

302 Victoria's Boudoir 

This pattern has 7 parts to choose from.  The piece that really stands out for me (sweet and simple) is the Potpourri Sachet!  This would be a fun thing to make and have for quick gifts for friends and family - and you can use up your awesome fabric scraps.  There is a recipe for the potpourri blend or you can get creative with your own blend.  

304 Nursery Days

This pattern has 5 parts to choose from.  The Teddy Bear would be so sweet with many fabric choices.  The Pillow Sham has great potential for customization with fabric choice, added embroidery, or applique.  Kids love gifts with their name or favorite things featured on them.  The size of the Quilt would make a nice throw for anywhere in the home (not limited to cribs)!

305 A Japanese Interior

This popular pattern has 8 parts to choose from.  The pattern includes tips for handwork and dyeing techniques.  The Decorative Curtains (Noren) would be a great way to show off some of your handwork skills!  There are 3 different shapes of pillows to choose from as well.  An adaptation for these could be to make them heat friendly (filling with buckwheat or rice and dried herbs), and use them to warm up on a chilly day!  Or, do your own indigo dying and make the pillow covers or quilt.  Oh, did I mention Quilted Sleeping Kimono adaptation instructions using 113 Japanese Kimono?


We hope this helps you with some great ideas for gifts to make your friends and family this holiday season.  To make it easier for you, all of these patterns will be on sale through November!  And, keep a look out for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales at the end of the month. 

And, we would love to see what you make!  Tag us on social media (#folkwearpatterns) or send an email!

Happy sewing!!