Fabric Suggestions for 110 Little Kittel

The 110 Little Kittel is the child's version (size 4 to 10) of our 148 Black Forest Smock, and is a loose-fitting over-garment perfect for children's wear.  Use it over a sweater, shirt, or other clothing, or as a dress or play smock. Soft pleats fall from an ample neckband. Sleeves connect to side panels with gussets and are pleated at the wrists into buttoned cuff bands. Shoulder yokes, neckband, cuffs, side seams, and side pocket openings can be decorated with traditional chain-stitch. Embroidery designs and instructions are included. Use in the 148 Black Forest Smock to make a coordinating garment in adult sizes.

Suggested Fabrics: Soft or crisp fabrics such as linen, homespun, broadcloth, gingham, denim, featherweight corduroy, or lightweight wool.

Below are some fabric suggestions from some of our favorite fabric stores.  Please note, these suggested fabrics are based on fabrics that are in stock at the time the blog post is written, and may go out of stock from store at some point.  If link is invalid for specific product, look for a similar fabric you can substitute.

I can picture a really cute top for a little person in this fun flannel from Harts Fabrics. It could be worn with little cotton pants or leggings and tots could play all day!  

 For a holiday dress or dress up top this cotton velveteen from Bolt Fabrics could be a great base for embroidery and embellishment.  And, it would make a gorgeous holiday dress or shirt for little ones. 

I always love to look at quilting cottons for fun prints for children's garments.  Quilting cottons would work well for this pattern and have adorable patterns.  I'm loving this holiday print at Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics - it would make a cute holiday outfit.  It could make a sweet nightgown as well!


Finally, here's another sweet snowflake patterned quilting cotton from eQuilter.com that I love.

There are lots of options out there that would be especially cute for kids.  This pattern is a great canvas for embroidery, but also allows fun fabric combinations (use a different fabric for the neck or wrist cuffs and/or side panel).  A fine whale corduroy would also be beautiful (like the one I made the blue dress at top with).  

What would you use to make this cute smock for kids?