Fabric Suggestions for 230 Model T Duster

When early 20th century women began motoring across America in the new automobiles, they needed something to protect their fancy finery from the dust and grime of the rough roadways. The sensible and fashionable solution was this loose-fitting, unlined, Princess-seamed duster, which is still stylishly sleek today. Double breasted, ankle length (you can make it shorter too), and flowing, this coat is gorgeous and elegant.  On the practical side, it has pockets and it makes a fine raincoat too!

Suggested fabrics: Heavyweight cotton or blends, such as poplin, corduroy, or denim; suit-weight linen; wool gabardine or blends; water-repellent fabrics.

PLEASE NOTE: Fabrics used as examples in blog may go out of stock from store.  If link is invalid for specific product, there may be another fabric from the supplier that you can substitute.  These suggestions are based on fabrics that are in stock at the time the blog post is written!

Below are a few fabrics we think would be great -  from several of our favorite fabric stores.

This 100% Italian wool gabardine from Stonemountain and Daughter would make a lovely and classic coat.  And, this color (with this style) is SO on-trend right now.  It would be lovely!


A two-toned corduroy, like the one below from Hart's Fabric, would make a cozy and stylish duster.

Michael Levine Fabrics has a selection of heavy linen which is suitable for coating.  The one pictured is a natural tone, but there are a variety of colors available.  This would make a perfect spring coat!


A denim fabric is also suitable for this duster.  Here is a washed natural denim from Michael Levine.  I LOVE this color!


Marcy Tilton has some fabulous rainwear fabrics in stock.  I love this one below, but there are some other neutral colors (black and navy) that would also be gorgeous!



This is a great coat, and I love seeing what people make with this pattern.  What fabric would you use?