by Victoria Watkins

Working with children's patterns gives us a great opportunity to use fun, vibrant, and cute fabrics. Since we're currently featuring all of our children's patterns this month, I'll present suggestions a little differently this time. I'll have one fabric suggestion per pattern, however, that doesn't mean you can't mix and match of course! Use any of these fabrics for several patterns, or combine fabrics (that is always fun).  We are listing fabric suggestions from some of our favorite fabric shops.


a cotton lawn that features neon polka dots on a white background

First is our Child's Prairie Dress & Pinafore. Our Cynthia created a wonderful variation with orange gingham fabric and a custom embroidered floral pattern on the apron, which suits the overall look of the dress so well. To go in a completely different direction, this fun white dotted lawn from Harts Fabric would be a playful statement and could make a fun summer dress (shorten the sleeves). I could see it without the pinafore apron, as a stand alone dress, or just as the pinafore on it's own made into a dress.


cotton fabric with pink and red strawberries printed on a black background

Our recent addition, the Child's Cookie Apron, is a fantastic blank canvas. It can be dressed up or down, perfect for both school or play.  A novelty cotton is a great option for a fun little piece, and this fun strawberry print Japanese import cotton from Hart's is totally darling for such a purpose.


white cotton with hot pink line drawings of forest critters and plant life

 I'm in love with this pink Critters Shirting from Hart's. It reminds me of those brightly colored stationery stamps you'd get at the book fair or other school supply sales. As a shirting, I think it would make a nice, breezy take on our Little Kittel


baby pink handkerchief linen

I recently sewed a sample of our 225 Childhood Dreams pattern with some bird print cotton we had around the office. The pattern was cute for a child's dress, however, the cotton itself was the tiniest bit thick for my liking. I think I'd have appreciated a more drapey, flowing sort of hand. I think something like one of our lightweight linens, such as this pink linen, would be a fantastic choice for your 225 dress (or make it into a sweet summer nightgown).


golden yellow colored cotton poplin

Last, with western wear being on trend lately, you might have a good time sewing a 218 Child's Frontier Shirt. We have a few cotton poplins that would work beautifully for the structure of the shirt, and they come in contrasting colors so you can accent the cuffs and colors in a different hue (fun!). I suggest this bright marigold option, so you can spot your little cowpoke while they're kicking up dust on the range.


What do you think? Which of these patterns would you sew for the small folks in your life?