Coat and Jacket Sale - all are 15% off for the rest of the month

By Molly Hamilton
on October 17, 2019

Coat and Jacket Sale - all are 15% off for the rest of the month

150 Hungarian Szur

263 Countryside Frock Coat

It is fall here in the mountains of Western NC, and we are starting to think of staying warm for the next 6 months or so.  And, now is the time to start planning and sewing your winter coats and jackets.  So, to help you, we are having a sale on our coat and jacket patterns - 15% (no need for a promo code!).

Our coat and jacket patterns on sale this month:

106 Turkish Coat - a long, reversible quilted coat (can add trapunto to this coat and learn a new skill too, instructions are included)

114 Chinese Jacket - a cute, short, lightweight jacket that can be casual or made for formal occasions.

118 Tibetan Panel Coat - a traditional Tibetan long vest or sleeveless coat - very popular.

124 Bolivian Milkmaid's Jacket - this short, fitted jacket can be made and lined for a warm and beautifully embellished jacket.

137 Australian Drover's Coat - rugged construction for a long duster coat with many finishing options.

138 Child's Australian Drover's Coat - a great coat for children (and pattern includes a knitting pattern for a sweater).

150 Hungarian Szur - traditional calf-length dramatic coat from Magyar herdsman - cutwork felt applique information also included.

238 Le Smoking Jacket - sophistication of the 20s, luxury loungewear jacket.

242 Rodeo Cowgirl Jacket - for the cowgirl in you, but also because this jacket is a classic cut and can be made however you want.

251 Varsity Jacket - Classic varsity jacket that is still very much in style right now!  This is a PDF pattern, but we can print it for you too.

254 Swing Coat - knee-length, easy to make, this light coat is a great one (and makes a good raincoat).

263 Countryside Frock Coat - traditional coat, elegant cut - for men and women.

503 Poiret Cocoon Coat - elegant, fully-lined cocoon coat similar to those designed by Paul Poiret in 1913-1919.



Hats - Miss Fisher, Metropolitan, and Derby

By Molly Hamilton
on May 05, 2017

Hats - Miss Fisher, Metropolitan, and Derby

I just finished watching my first episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on PBS, and though I've heard a lot about the great clothing on the show (and it is great), Miss Fisher's hats were my favorite.  I love the colors, embellishments, and the style.  They are fabulous and she wears them well! 

We are featuring the #269 Metropolitan Hat this month (May) in our store.  It is a great hat to start building your own hat collection, and similar in style to Miss Fisher.  There are so many ways to interpret this hat - from floppy linens to structured wools, fabric prints, and pins, bands, flowers, or your own creation to add to the brim.  This hat can be a statement piece or a casual sun hat (and it makes a great sun hat!).  I created a new Pinterest board that is starting off with hat inspiration for the Metropolitan Hat (Board is called Hats and Bags, so I'll be filling it up with Folkwear hat and bag photos and inspirations).  The Metropolitan Hat is on sale  this month!

All the hat inspiration also came from the excitement leading up to the Kentucky Derby - and all the amazing creations coming from that event (or series of events).  One of my best friends is from Louisville and she always shares photos of her friends attending Oaks and Derby in their incredible hats.  I love seeing the creativity and color of those hats.  My friend also pointed to Dee's Hats as great place to get hats made in Louisville, and their website was fun to look at, so if you love hats, you should check it out.

Happy Hat Making!

And, as always, we love to see what people are making, so tag us if you post pictures on Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest.  Or, join the Facebook Folkwear Patterns Sewing Group and let us all see what you've made!


Kimono Inspiration

By Molly Hamilton
on April 17, 2017

Kimono Inspiration

Kimonos are a beautiful and classic garment of Japanese origin and influence.  The Folkwear Kimono pattern is for the yukata, or unlined informal kimono, worn by all classes of Japanese in summer.  The word "kimono" literally means "clothing" but has come to distinguish the Japanese national costume from other clothes. 

Kimonos are great garments to be used as robes, house coats, jackets, or outwear.  They can be statement pieces or simple and elegant garments.  Kimonos can be made with beautiful silks, medium to lightweight cottons (cotton gauze is a favorite of mine right now)., or even heavier fabrics like denim or brocade.

I found a great book in our collection entitled Kimono Inspiration: Art and Art-to-Wear in America, from the Textile Museum at George Washington University. I've put some pictures from the book on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.  If you want to know more about the history and tradition of kimonos, as well as see some amazing artistic interpretations of them, you should check out this book.  Kimonos can be a canvas for your art - quilting, painting, dying, embroidery, weaving, etc. 

Traditional kimonos are a work of art themselves, so however you want to make one (traditional interpretation or modern art interpretation), it is a rewarding garment to make.

In our kimono pattern, we give information on the history and use of the kimono, styling and dress information, and instructions for traditional handwork (sashiko) and dyeing (shibori). 

Have you ever made a kimono?  What would you be inspired to make now?

** FYI, #113 Japanese Kimono is on sale for all of April (it is a great deal).  Enjoy! **