India Cotton - Treasure Block


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An intricately striped block print in a blend of muted browns and reds.  This is a soft, light-weight cotton which would make a beautiful shirt. Perfect for tops, dresses, and pyjamas.

  • 100% organic cotton.
  • 44" (110cm) wide.
  • Indian cloths are sometimes susceptible to irregularities in the weave, this is all part of their charm and are not classed as flaws.
  • This fabric is hand dyed. For the couple of washes, place the fabric in the washing machine on warm wash with a handful of table salt. This will fix the dye to prevent it from running.
  • Merchant & Mills

Fabric is sold by the 1/2 yard (so 1 unit is 1/2 yard, 2 units is 1 yard, etc.).

This fabric is great for patterns like our 104 Egyptian Shirt, 112 Japanese Field Clothing, 113 Japanese Kimono, 142 Old Mexico Dress, 145 Chinese Pajamas157 Moroccan Djellaba, 148 Black Forest Smock, 252 Beach Pyjamas, and 271 Sunset Wrap.