202 Victorian Shirt


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Misses 6-22; Men's 32-46.

This fashionable dress shirt was featured in Harper’s Bazaar in the 1870s, and as rural people began to emulate urban trends, it was adopted in America and Europe by farmers and tradesmen, who continued to use it long afterward for everyday wear. It is handsome today on both men and women, tucked in or as a tunic, overshirt, or nightshirt. Our sewing pattern retains the longer length of men’s shirts from the 19th century, but it may be shortened if you wish.

The shaped front bib has a buttoned placket opening, finished with a horizontal tab enclosing a box pleat. The simple neckband was originally worn with a separate purchased collar. Soft pleats fall in back from a shoulder yoke; the sleeves are also pleated into cuffs.

Suggested fabrics: Shirting weight fabrics such as broadcloth, gingham, muslin, or lightweight cotton flannel.

Era: Victorian 

Yardage chart (.pdf)


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