144 Belly Dancer


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Choli: Misses Small (10-12) to 2X Large (26-28) in B, C, and D cups; other garments gathered or tied to fit.

This pattern is the perfect starting point for creating your own stunning style, whether you are a dancer, historic reenactor, or lover of fashion. Layer the Coin Bra on top of the Choli, the Tassel Belt and Hip Shawl on top of the Ten-Yard Skirt and Pantaloons.

The Choli is a fitted backless top that ties in the back; it has short sleeves and underarm gussets that provide ease of movement for dancing.

The Pantaloons feature voluminous legs that help hold out the skirt and pleat into a narrow hip band to reduce bulk at the hip line.

The Ten-yard Skirt is a three tier garment that reduces bulk at the upper edge and the weight of the overall garment, but is truly ten yards around at the hem.  It results in a skirt that is truly swishy, lofty, and perfect for dancing.

Your personalized selection of fabrics, fringes, tassels, adornment, jewelry, and make-up will turn this tribal collection into a wondrous extravaganza of color and movement.

Pattern includes graded pieces for choli, cutting diagrams for other garments, and complete instructions for all garment assembly, fringe- and tassel-making, and embellishment. Suggested fabrics vary; see instruction booklet inside pattern for details.

Go here for details about the new Tribal Style Headdress & Makeup Booklet, which will help you enhance your costume and performance persona.

Yardage chart (.pdf)

This pattern is available as a paper or PDF pattern.  This is the paper pattern (for the PDF version, go here).