305 A Japanese Interior - PDF


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A traditional Japanese room is a study in simplicity - ordered and calm.  Many elements of Japanese design can be successfully incorporated into a typical home, from cushions for the couch to a futon that can be easily tucked away when not in use.  

In this pattern we have included patterns and instructions for making a variety of futon (the Japanese word "futon" describes all types of quilted bedding and floor cushions), as well as instructions (only) for creating noren (decorative curtains), and a quilted yogi (sleeping kimono). Handwork techniques are included for sashiko quilting and shibori dyeing. 

This is the PDF pattern.  For the paper pattern, go here. This PDF pattern has several files: print at home versions of the Zabuton, Makura, and sashiko design; copy shop versions (A0 and 36" wide) with all pattern pieces; cutting and sewing instructions for all items in the pattern; handwork detailing for sashiko and shibori dyeing.

Suggested fabrics: For the Cushions and Futon Covers, choose medium to heavyweight cottons, silks, or blends. For the Noren, choose light to medium-weight cottons, silks, or blends.

Yardage chart (.pdf)

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