126 Vests from Greece and Poland


Sizes XS - 2XL

These authentic designs can be lavishly decorated, embroidered, appliquéd, and otherwise embellished. Styles include a short vest for men or women from Greece, mid-calf Greek vest, and two variations of a Polish woman's vest with petal-shaped tabs along the bottom edge.

The short Greek vest is waist-length on women and slightly shorter on men.  It has a narrow band collar, a button and loop at the neck, and curved front edges.  The short and long Greek vests can be made lined or unlined. Fold-over braid binds the edges when unlined, and is optional when lined.

The panels of the long vest flare gracefully from a slightly raised waist.  As on many Greek coats and vests, the front opening does not meet, but frames the body.  Narrow shoulders and a uniquely pieced back construction are accented by a small pleat on either side of the back and small side slits at the hemline.  With or without lining, fold-over braid is used for finishing.

Both Greek vests are traditionally trimmed with narrow cord or braid and bits of appliquéd velvet; several buttons and shells further decorate the shorter one.  Designs for all vest embellishment are included in the pattern.

Bodices, or vests, from several areas of Poland are similar in general construction, with differences in detailing and decoration.  Our two versions are fitted to the waist with a scoop neckline and laced front opening.  Petal-like tabs finish the bottom edge, and are echoed in overlapping shoulder straps.  These bodices are usually made of velveteen, and are lined.  Optional embellishments include a simple soutache design, or colorful sequin and bead treatment.  Other traditional decorative possibilities include embroidery or application of purchased braid.

Suggested fabrics: Medium to heavyweight, closely woven fabrics such as denim, velveteen, corduroy, silk, velvet, wool, blends, and upholstery fabric.

Yardage chart (.pdf)

This pattern is available as a paper pattern and a PDF pattern.  This is the paper pattern (for the PDF pattern, go here).