146 Six Bags from Around the World - PDF


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This pattern consists of 6 bags from cultures and regions around the globe.  Two bags are based on useful vintage bags (Japanese Carpenter’s Bag, French Reticule); three are everyday practical carrying bags (Thai Shoulder Sling, Turkish Drawstring Bag, Uzbek Pouch); and one is more of an art form than a everyday object (Native American Bandolier Bag).  These bags are beautiful items and items of everyday use.  They will make unique and interesting bags to carry, use, and give.  They will connect you to a place, a time, a culture, and an art form.  They are also flexible enough to allow your own imagination to create a bag that is completely different and unique to you.

This PDF pattern includes a print-at-home version of each bag, a copyshop version to print all bags together (36 inch and A0 paper), sewing instructions, and a file teaching embellishments for the bags (Thai cross stitch patterns, Uzbek embroidery, handmade cording and tassels, sashiko embroidery). The PDF pattern(s) will be available as a zip folder for download after checkout.

This pattern is packed with sewing information, embroidery and embellishment techniques, and historical and cultural information.  

The Japanese Carpenter's Bag is a long bag to hang and hold long tools such as rulers - also great for holding all the rolled up PDF patterns you have!  This pattern is based on a traditional bag used by Japanese carpenters.  It includes the original sashiko embroidery design, with instructions.

Uzbek Coin Pouch comes in two sizes with two traditional embroidery patterns.  These bags were used to keep money and salt safe when traveling.  They make great gift bags!   The pattern includes two bag sizes, several options for closing, and traditional embroidery designs.

The French Reticle is from the 19th century when women used these bags to hold essentials (because dresses had no pockets) and these became popular when under-dress pockets went out of fashion.  Reticules evolved into evening purses - and this still makes a great evening bag. 

The Thai Shoulder Sling is a useful and beautiful bag with a fun and easy construction technique.  It is lined and has two inside pockets.  You can make the bag with self-fringe at the bottom or with seamed bottom.  We also include three traditional Hill Tribe embroidery patterns that can be used to embellish your bag.

The Turkish Drawstring Bag is a small bag with an ingenious drawstring closure.  Pretty and simple, it is perfect to make for gifts.   You can make many of these bags from small pieces of fabric, and embellish them with trim, tassels, and beads.  Instructions for making your own cord, tassels, and bead fringe included.

The Native American Bandolier Bag is a traditional art form of applique, beading, and decoration, generally made by Eastern Woodland tribes.  Our pattern takes a similar shape, and strives to honor and bring awareness to this impressive cultural item.  You can make a bag from this pattern that is simple and useful or add embellishments to decorate your bag to suit.  We include instructions for making your own, optional, beaded fringe.

We also have several kits available for the Japanese Carpenter's Bag and Turkish Drawstring Bag.

These bags are available as a whole pattern (all 6 bags), or you can purchase them individually.  Choose the option you want in the drop down menu.  All patterns are PDFs.