213 Child's Prairie Dress & Pinafore


Girls 2-10. Sunbonnet sized for Girls and Women

This dress is just like big sister # 201 Prairie Dress, but with a sweet pinafore that fits over the dress instead of an apron. It falls in gathers from a rounded yoke to ankle or low knee length and pinafore front are perfect for tucked, embroidered, smocked, or beaded embellishment. Also included is a period Sunbonnet to protect tender faces, Stripes of cardboard (removable for washing) are inserted into the brim to create a visor. 

Suggested fabrics: Light to medium-weight cotton, rayon, wool, or blends. For the Sunbonnet, choose crisper fabrics in cotton or blends.

Yardage chart (.pdf)

**Note, on the tissue for the side panel of the pinafore, two of the sizes are missing at the bottom edge. The top-most size missing should read "Cutting Line for Size 6 - Short Version".  The bottom-most size missing should read "Cutting Line for Size 8 - Short Version".