264 Monte Carlo Dress


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Misses Extra Small to 2XL.

This is the paper pattern; for the PDF version, go here.

A popular 1920s fashion among the young, adventurous "flapper" girls was the straight-sided drop-waist dress with handkerchief hem, worn with tunic tops made out of revealingly sheer fabrics. It was daring to attract attention to the youthful, healthy body underneath the clothes, instead of concealing it with the conservative garments of earlier years. 

Our sewing pattern for this Monte Carlo Dress, from 1924, is inspired by the captivating styles of Paul Poiret and Jacquese Doucet. The sheath dress features the drop waist and cylindrical silhouette so popular of the time. It is finished off with a bias-cut handkerchief hem that swishes seductively around nylon-stockinged legs and shows off a bit of ankle. Fanciful decoration was all the rage, in beads, sumptuous embroidery, and bejeweled ornaments. Embellish the dress according to the occasion, using the vintage design motifs included in the pattern. 

Two simple-sew tunics can be embellished with tassels or sparking baubles and worn in different arrangements over the dress: facing front of back, belted all around, or belted just in the front. They also create opportunities for interesting layering of sheer or shimmering fabrics. 

The pattern has several pages of professional sewing tips for using sheer or slinky fabrics as well as tips for embroidery and embroidery designs.  

Suggested fabrics: Lightweight and/or sheer silk, rayon, polyester, novelty velvet, jacquard, or brocade. The dress skirt is attractive in multiple layers of chiffon or georgette. Sheer striped fabrics create a nice graphic effect in the Crossover Tunic.

Yardage chart (.pdf)