269 Metropolitan Hat


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Women's Small, Medium, Large Hat Sizes

This hat dates from the early 20th century and represents a transitional period in millinery history -- following the oversize Victorian confections of veiling and stuffed birds, but before the head-hugging cloches of the 1920s. Fast and easy to sew, it has a casual and slightly slouchy look, with a modest brim and fabric flowers at center front. It is similar to the hat that Diane Keaton wore in an early scene of the 1981 film, Reds, also starring Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, about the excitement and danger of the Russian Revolution in 1917.

There are just three pattern pieces: Brim, Band, and Crown. Each piece is cut twice -- out of fabric, or fabric and complementary lining -- for a fully-lined, easy-to-wear chapeau. The decorative fabric Rosettes can be fashioned out of the hat fabric, contrasting materials such as lace, tulle, or glittering silk, or entirely replaced by a vintage brooch or dramatic button.

Suggested Fabrics: Linens, wools, silks, medium-weight cottons, denim, corduroy, fleece. NOTE: For soft, drapey fabrics, lightly interface the Band and Brim to maintain the proper silhouette.

This pattern is available as a paper pattern and as a PDF pattern.  This is the paper pattern version (for the PDF pattern, go here).

Yardage chart (.pdf)