305 A Japanese Interior


This impressive collection of traditional Japanese pieces can be beautifully incorporated into any decorating scheme. This sewing pattern includes instructions and/or pattern for making 1. floor cushions (zabuton), 2&3. sleeping pillows (makura), 4. top quilt (kakebuton), 5. bottom mat or futon (shikibuton), 6. folding foam mat, 7. decorative curtains (noren), and 8. tips for adapting any kimono pattern (such as Folkwear #113) for a quilted sleeping kimono (yogi).  Information about traditional handwork and dyeing techniques also included.

Suggested fabrics: For the Cushions and Futon Covers, choose medium to heavyweight cottons, silks, or blends. For the Noren, choose light to medium-weight cottons, silks, or blends.

Yardage chart (.pdf)