African Wax Print - Baskets


This African Wax Print is a beautiful and striking print of woven baskets, in brown and rusted hues.  This is a stand out piece in fall colors, and will combine well with lots of colors!  

The fabric is slightly stiff when new, but softens well after a few washes.  This is one of my favorites!

It will be gorgeous in any of these patterns: 120 Navajo Blouse and Skirt (it would be great as the trimmings on this shirt too), 129 Japanese Hapi, 131 Tibetan Chupa, 157 Moroccan Djellaba, (skirt), 243 Rodeo Cowgirl Skirt

100% cotton.  Machine wash and tumble dry, warm iron.

45" (1.1m) wide.

Fabric sold in 1/2 yard (.46m) increments.  So, 2 units equals 1 yard (.9m).