Japanese Selvage Denim - Dash


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Traditional selvedge denim made in Japan in a deep ink color, black, with a white and ink selvedge.

Selvedge denim can be identified easily by the white and red stripe or colored edge. The pants or jeans will be more durable and long lasting thanks to being self-edged and generally, due to the unique stitching, are more distinctive from other jeans. Selvedge denim jeans will keep their shape no matter how many times you wash them. This cloth is likely to soften and lighten in color over time with continual washing.

  • 100% cotton
  • 32" wide (82cm)
  • Weight: 10 oz. 
  • made in Japan
  • pre-wash before using

This fabric will be great for pants and jackets (just note the width - it cannot be used for patterns with very wide pieces).  Try it with 118 Tibetan Panel Coat, 124 Bolivian Milkmaid's Jacket, 126 Vests from Greece and Poland, 130 Australian Bush Outfit, 138 Child's Drovers Coat, 222 Vintage Vests, 231 Big Sky Riding Skirt, or 263 Countryside Frock Coat

Fabric is sold by the 1/2 yard.  2 units = 1 yard