S101 Pattern Tracing Fabric


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30 inches (76cm) wide x 10 yards (9.15m) long

This Swedish material is perfect for tracing off a single size from a multi-size pattern, leaving the original pattern pieces intact. It's translucent so you can see right through it and has a smooth finish for easy marking with pen, pencil, or other marking tool. Mark grainlines, notches, dots, and other important matchpoints, and quickly baste together a test garment to try on. You can then evaluate the fit and appearance, and confidently make any alterations to the test garment before cutting into your fashion fabric.

Design your own original patterns, too! Our tracing material is much stronger than paper, yet drapably soft like fabric, so you can use it to experiment, adjust, alter, and test your own creative ideas. Stitch the test pieces together, try on the results, and make changes until you're satisfied. You will then have your own durable master pattern, ready to cut out of any fabric.