Folkwear Children's Patterns

Folkwear has a surprising number of children's patterns. Some are perfect for making a cute dress or nightgown, some are perfect for dress up or costume, and some are used for traditional dress or ceremony.  Many of our children's patterns have an adult counterpart, such as 218 Child's Frontier Shirt and 212 Five Frontier Shirts, or 213 Child's Prairie Dress and 201 Prairie Dress, and 110 Little Kittel and 148 Black Forest Smock, etc..  Some occur in the same pattern - 141 Korean Han Bok and 120 Navajo Blouse and Skirt.  These two, in particular, are often made for special events and traditional ceremony by people of the cultures.  But there is also the 221 English Smock (so very cute) that includes a children's pattern.  And, then the very popular 154 Child's Scottish Kilt and Jacket (to go with 152 Scottish Kilts).

I want to highlight a few of these great patterns that I made because they are often overlooked.  They are mostly fairly easy and quick garments to sew   They also can be made with fun and cute fabrics and usually don't take a lot of fabric to make anyway.  

Sewing for special children in your life is rewarding and fun.

I made this dress above for my daughter several years ago from the 225 Childhood Dreams pattern.  This pattern looks like it would make a cute ruffly, flannel (or cotton lawn) night gown.  But, I knew my daughter would not like the ruffles, but she would like the shape and room of the dress, so I removed the ruffles and finished it a bit differently (FYI we are going to have a blog post coming out soon on how to do this).  I used a simple cotton gingham for this dress and my daughter loved it.

I have also made several items from the 109 Little Folks pattern as baby shower gifts.  The top two photos above are the Mexican shirt from 109 Little Folks, both made as baby shower gifts.  For the shirt in the top photo, I used a Swiss dot fabric and finished all the edges with a Liberty bias tape.  I used tiny snaps instead of buttons.  For the shirt in the middle photo, I used a simple white linen and I hand rolled and seamed the edges with embroidery thread.  I also added the embroidery pattern to the center of the shirt.  Even with all this hand sewing, this shirt came together amazingly fast (the embroidery was really very quick).  In the last photo above, you see the Moroccan Djellaba from 109 Little Folks.  I made this for my youngest son when he was 4 (it comes in sizes 2T and 4T).  I made it from a terry cloth, finished the edges with a serger (instead of hems) and topstitched the seams down.  My son LOVED this djellaba.  I would put him in it after a bath and he loved being warm and cozy in it.  He would sometimes wear it to bed, and he continued to ask for it well after he had grown out of it. 
This 110 Little Kittel I also made for my daughter - from a beautiful blue corduroy.  It was easy to add a little machine embroidery to the shoulder yokes (there is also a design in the pattern for this) and to the cuffs and neckband.  With cute pockets, this easy-to-wear dress was popular.  Note: the 148 Black Forest Smock is the adult version of this pattern.

My youngest son loved this sweater (from the 138 Child's Australian Drover's Coat) we had at a photo shoot one day and insisted on wearing it.  It fit him perfectly.  So don't forget, we do have some children's knitting patterns (the sweater above and the vest from discontinued 136 Child's Kimono and Vest).

We are going to show off quite a few more special children's makes this month and encourage you to try these patterns.  

And, all of our children's patterns are 30% off for the whole month of March (2022).