Moroccan Djellaba Inspiration

Our new pattern, 157 Moroccan Djellaba, is now out and we are so excited!  This pattern was originally inspired by our 109 Little Folks pattern. One of the patterns in it is for a Moroccan Djellaba for 2- or 4-year olds.  I made one of terry cloth for my 4 year old to wear after the pool (when he would be so cold) or after bath time.  He loved it and I immediately wanted one for myself.  So, we set forth to develop this pattern.

The djellaba is worn everyday in the Maghreb region of North Africa.  This area includes the Atlas Mountains and the Coastal Plain of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.  The djellaba protects the wearer from the harsh sun and blowing sand, and provides warmth in the desert nights.  The hood, or gob, is sometimes used to carry food or groceries as well.

Traditionally, djellabas are ankle-length and made of wool, in simple earth tones as well as black and white and light blue. Today, lightweight cotton djellabas have become popular, as well as slimmer and shorter shapes. Djellabas can be found in many colors, styles, and fabrics, and they are sometimes embellished with sfifas (traditional Moroccan trim like ribbon) or soutache, embroideries, and trim.

Our Djellaba is based on the traditional design, with a few modern alterations.  We offer two lengths, the traditional ankle length and the more modern upper calf length.  Each length can be made to be a pullover and worn like a shirtdress or cover-up or be made with a center front zipper and worn more like outerwear or a robe.  We have women's sizes listed, but the Djellaba fits men as well with the same chest measurements.  Just be sure to adjust the length to desired fit. 

I found a lot of Djellaba inspiration on Pinterest and wanted to share some of them so you can see what could be done with this new pattern!  You can see our whole Pinterest board here (there's lots of style and setting inspiration there too).  

Pinterest link                                     Pinterest link

The embellishments on these djellabas is fantastic.  You could use lace, cording, trim or soutache to make something similar.  This would make a unique and fun or elegant garment!


Pinterest link                                 Pinterest link

I loved the black and white stripes with the bright yellow trims here.  This would be fairly easy to do - adding bright yellow ribbon and trim to the openings.  Such a stand-out garment!



Pinterest link                                    Pinterest link

A little inspiration for the men!  I love these simple colors and styles.  It is easy to imagine relaxing at the house or doing morning chores in these.


Pinterest link                                               Pinterest link

I also like the simple styling and colors of the djellaba on the left- it looks comfortable to wear wear all day!  And I love the one on the right (it is a caftan, though, not a djellaba) - the flow-y fabric and designs are definitely inspiring (and inspired my yellow rayon djellaba). 



Pinterest link                                    Pinterest link

There are many ways to do more elaborate embellishment of the front of your Djellaba.  Here are two djellaba embroidery or soutache designs to inspire!


What inspires you here?

And, let us know what you are making!  Send us an email, add to the Customer Gallery, tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  We would love to see!

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