Fabric and Notion Suggestions for 251 Varsity Jacket

This classic 1950s sport jacket was coveted by all fashion-conscious Americans.  Styled after the bomber jackets from WWII, this coat became popular after the war and is still seen on runways and on the streets today.

The traditional model featured a wool body with leather sleeves, but it also looks amazing in sandwashed silk, corduroy, or print cotton. Our pattern includes instructions for optional hand-knitted ribbing for cuffs, collar, and waistband.  This is such a great jacket that is still right on trend!

Suggested fabrics: Medium to heavyweight fabrics such as wool, corduroy, gabardine; heavyweight cotton; suede or leather. Also, summer weight fabrics such as rayon or washed silk.

PLEASE NOTE: Fabrics used as examples in blog may go out of stock from store.  If link is invalid for specific product, there may be another fabric from the supplier that you can substitute.  These suggestions are based on fabrics that are in stock at the time the blog post is written!


This 100% cotton whale corduroy from Hart's Fabric would be a nice mid-weight option.

This wool coating from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics reflects the "classic" look of a Varsity Jacket.  They have a variety of colors available to choose from.

I love this metallic floral jacquard from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics. It would create a modern and fresh look for this jacket.  


Another option is to make the varsity jacket in a medium weight silk charmeuse.  Here is a link for floral pattern from Mood Fabrics, and another floral silk form Michael Levine's.  This would be so luxurious and lightweight!

While the Folkwear Varsity Jacket pattern includes instructions for knitting ribbing, we also want to show you that there are great options on Esty.  Here is an example from Stellar Textiles.  They have a wide variety of colorways.  These are perfect for the more sporty Varsity Jackets!

Here are some iron on chenille letters from M&J Trimmings.  They also have a large selection of patches in stock.

 Vogue Fabrics has a large selection of polyester lining fabrics. They carry a  nice flannel backed poly satin lining for winter warmth.


Michael Levine's has a good selection of habotai silk for lining.   Of course, the lining you choose will need to be determined by the weight and type of outer fabric.


You will also need 7 heavy snaps for the jacket closure.  We found a link that helps guide through choosing the right snaps from KAM snaps.  They have quite a selection as well as tools and tutorials.  Your fabric choice will determine the necessary snap, so pay attention to that!  You could, of course, substitute buttons for the snaps - or even put in a outerwear separating zipper when putting in the front facings.  Let us know what you do!!

Also, check out our Varsity Jacket inspiration board on Pinterest.  There are so many options when it comes to this staple jacket!