M'Lady's Corset

In contrast to 219 Intimacies, the Corset created the idealized figure silhouette of the Elizabethan era (1558-1603) which required stiffened supporting undergarments to maintain a slender and visually elongated upper body.  The corset remained popular on-and-off for hundreds of years.  Both men and women wore such undergarments!

Our corset (267 M'Lady's Corset) is representative of the late 16th and early 17th century garments worn by upper class women in the royal courts (square-necked version) and the working class women in their daily lives (scooped neck version).  

Both Folkwear versions feature dropped waistline at center front to give the V-shape that was characteristic of the Elizabethan era, and wide-set shoulder straps to further emphasize the small-waisted impression.  Princess-style seams are more characteristic of later era corsets, but they create a personalized fit for the modern wearer.  The square-necked corset laces in the back with purchased eyelets or handmade eyelets (instructions are included for creating handmade eyelets), and adjustable straps that lace through eyelets in the front.  The scoop-neck corset fastens in front with purchased hook-and-eye tape, and features peplum that reflects the waistline tabs of 16th-century doublets and corsets.  

Today, corsets are associated, not only with costuming and reenactments, but with modern lingerie and sexiness. Our corset pattern will be on sale through February 14th - if you want try your hand at making this traditional undergarment!  See below for corset making suppliers.

Resources for Corset Making:

Corset Making Supplies, Philadelphia, PA

Farthingales, Ontario, Canada

Fitting Room Corsets, Seattle, WA

Richard the Thread, West Hollywood, CA