Adding Trim to Side Slits on Djellaba

After making the side slits on the 157 Moroccan Djellaba, I thought why leave a good thing alone?  I'll add ribbon trim to this!  The ribbon trim I had is fairly typical of trim in North Africa, metallic with paisley and geometric shapes.  And, I liked the way it looked with the yellow fabric.  

It is very easy to add trim to the side slits - and to the bottom hem or sleeve hem for that matter.  I'll outline how I did it below!

First, I lined up the ribbon with the side of the slits, turning one end of the ribbon about an inch under the hem, and pinned the ribbon down.

Then, at the top of the slit, I folded the ribbon so that the top would be square (fold on the diagonal, then fold across).  

I pinned the ribbon in place and did the same on the other top corner of the slit and pinned the ribbon down on the other side of the slit.  

Next, I sewed the ribbon in place - up the inside edge of the ribbon, across the lower part of the top, down the inside of the ribbon on the other side of the slit.  Then, I sewed the outer edge of the ribbon in the same way.

That's all there is to it!  I actually really like this trim.  It makes it feel a little more elegant.  I might even do more trim (to show you how, but also because this is really fun!).  

How would you trim your Djellaba?