Easy To Sew Patterns from Folkwear

Folkwear has over 100 patterns in print!  And while many of them are perfectly suitable for beginning and intermediate sewists, a number of them have tricky construction techniques (plackets, unusual pleats or large number of tiny pleats, unusual construction, etc.).  These patterns are lots of fun and perfect for a sewist who is up for a (moderate) challenge, but sometimes we want an easy pattern.  Or, if you are new to Folkwear patterns, or new to sewing, you might want to try one of the simpler-to-sew patterns.  So, here I have compiled a list of some of our easiest patterns to sew.  This is not to say that the other patterns are too complex for beginners (they usually are not), but if you want some top suggestions, here they are!  These are great for beginners, or for experienced sewists who want a quick and easy project.

103 Romanian Blouse - This blouse is one-size-fits-all, has only 4 pattern pieces and is simple to sew in its easiest version with a drawstring neckline and hemmed sleeves.  Make it more complex by choosing the more complicated, and traditional, finishing techniques and/or adding traditional embroidery (included in pattern).


119 Sarouelles - These pants have a crotch gusset that is easy to insert, they are easy to sew, take very little fitting, and are comfortable!  There are 3 versions in this one pattern.  The one above is the Turkish pants, the pants at the top of this post are the African pants - both from this pattern.  


128 Russian Settler's Dress - The pattern for the dress and apron is very simple and easy to fit, especially if you do the "simple" version.  Like many of our patterns, this pattern has techniques that are more advanced, but you can choose the simpler version.  The shirt is also fairly easy, but it has a collar to install (simple) and underarm gussets.


132 Moroccan Burnoose - This pattern makes large cape-like garment with a hood.  It is easy and quick to make, and you can choose to add embellishments around the edge or leave it simple.


142 Old Mexico Dress - Simple and quick to sew, this pattern is easy to fit and great for beginners.  Make a blouse or a dress.  Add embroidery to the yoke and/or openings to add complexity, or just a different fabric to the yoke for interest!  This pattern is one of most popular patterns ever.  


153 Siberian Parka - Easy-to-sew pullover with several pieces.  No closures to make, no fitting to worry about.  And you make a super warm, very comfortable garment.


254 Swing Coat - A simple unlined, long, jacket that is quite easy to sew, with no buttons or zips to worry about.


271 Sunset Wrap - One-size, one arm wrap that you can make in an hour.  Very easy. 

Finally, we have our Basics Collection.  These are five patterns that are a breeze to sew up.  Easy to sew and easy to fit, these garments are comfortable and customizable.  Make in your favorite fabrics, add embellishments, or just keep it simple.  Pants, Tunic, Jacket, Pinafore Dress, and Overcoat - these are great garments to learn on, but also great garments to sew up for a quick and easy project.